What Clients Are Saying

Since starting my business in 2021, I have guided my clients to discover key component tools to use daily. In using the tools and awareness they develop. I have found clients now have effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with choosing me to guide them with their sessions and contact me today to schedule your own session.

Jessica is an amazing intuitive guide to manifesting energy, and consciousness facilitator! With such a calming presence and awareness, she has helped to shift, change and remove the energy that no longer serves me – giving me back more space of me. Our time working together was truly transformational. I highly recommend Jessica – her wonderful gifts will help you move to the next level on your journey. wendy@alphaomegalifemastery.com

Wendy Ehrenberg

Working with Jessica was very powerful. Jessica is very intuitive and well versed in several modalities, which she combined and applied to my greatest benefit. She guided me through each session, and I always felt safe and supported. The transformation I received was profound . I highly recommend working with Jessica. Kathy@lifeexpansions.com

Kathy Petrain

I have worked with Jessica a few times and it has been amazing to shift my perspective and nervous energy. She has taught me that living in overwhelm is a form and structure. She offers so many beautiful tools to help clear, shift and transform. I highly recommend working with her! Jamie L

Jamie L.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica for the past couple of months. She has a gentle deep voice that has a way of making you relax and to get to the deep-down clearings you are wanting to have. She has released so many hold up energies for me and I cannot be grateful enough.

Sandy Baker

I worked with Jessica and am not sure that words can describe the transformation I experienced! After the first session, related to money, I felt lighter, and she asked me one simple question that shook me enough to change. Whew knew? In the second session we worked on a generational entanglement. Once I was released from that, I could feel the energy expand into my whole body, which was a new and profound experience. In our 3rd session, Jessica shared a phenomenal visualization meditation with me that was a game changer!! Jessica has the ability to hold space, share the energy needed for massive transformation and will leave you feeling lighter and whole! So grateful we found each other!

Jen McKinney

Jessica has a beautifully unique and very powerful approach to unlocking our stuck energies and shifting them, giving us access to more of us. 
She easily pinpointed energies that were blocking me and cleared the limitations. I instantly felt more freedom and ease in my body. 
Thank you Jessica!

Stephanie Larocque

I have been so grateful to work with Jessica as a client.  She has provided a beautiful space for me to address my stuck energy and open up in ways I have been needing in my life. I have been able to release and let go of pieces of my being that have been holding me back. I highly recommend Jessica if you are looking for a new space to exist within your own self.


Jessica is this beautiful soul who allowed me to be vulnerable with no judgment. The way she assisted me in shifting and changing my energy was so easy and effortless. For a truly unique and life changing experience I recommend Jessica.

Marcy Logan

Jessica is a true authentic healer. The moment I heard her voice I could feel all this magical energy.  She listened to what my being needed intuitively and held the space for allowance that opened me up in so many amazing ways. And did I mention the energy I felt? Wow was it powerful!   One of the things that I loved about our time was her ability to expand me in a way where I knew that by working with her, I was going to receive exactly what I desired.  She held this space of confidence for me  that whatever I was working through had so much ease around it. Her work is soul transforming. Who would of thought someone that was so many miles from me could have such an impact on my life’s journey. Jessica I AM forever grateful 💜
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Five stars

Lisa Cadez

I had the contentment to be a client of Jessica.  She has a beautiful, authentic energy that is relaxing which allowed me to understand where I was restricted and/or blocked energetically and how to release what no longer serves me.  This also brought a clearer awareness of how to balance my masculine/feminine energy.  I highly recommend working with Jessica!

Bonnie Wertman

Working with Jessica has literally shifted how I look at day to day life. She opened up spaces of me that I had hidden my whole life. Jessica taught me amazing techniques that helped me know what's real and true for me so I could stop second guessing myself. Jesdica invited me into her yummy energy and showed me how beautiful mine is.I'm extremely grateful for my time with Jessica!

Clara Higbee

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