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 Jessica is a powerhouse of frequency and vibration. Pulling from the power of being a permanent Las Vegas resident, Jessica has always been immersed in the lights and power this environment provided. 

Throughout Jessica’s childhood, most of her memories circle around being judged for being so different, searching outside herself for validation and self-worth and being held accountable for various responsibilities greater than she was actually able to provide. This left Jessica struggling for meaning and yearning to feel as though she mattered in any way shape or form. 

Jessica spent most of her teenage years, watching her family members struggle with lack, overwhelm, addiction and abuse. When she was 19, she left Las Vegas venturing around the country, meeting new friends and experiencing life in new and exciting ways, still carrying with her, her need for validation and self-worth. 

At this time, her struggle with anxiety and self -worth became louder and more apparent. And she found herself longing for stability, leading her to moving back home to Las Vegas. When Jessica arrived back to Las Vegas at 24 she fell in love with a man who swept her off her feet. She felt like she had shifted the family energy. 3 months after their marriage he changed his mind and asked for a divorce. This shattered Jessica who thought she knew more than her family. With the failure of her marriage, she lost her self-worth, boundaries, and created a hunger for validation. Years later she followed the guidance of another and settled down with a man that she thought she could add to his life and get the validation she so needed. When she turned 30 she became pregnant with her pride and joy, her daughter. After she realized her fix it dream she created wasn't what was true. She made a choice to move in with a family member. She thought it would be safe for her and her little one. As her little grew, she could feel how she was looping in toxic situations. The advice she was receiving was leaving her looping in overwhelm. In fact she found herself so lost in the victim frequency. Her health was failing; she was an anxious mess, and she felt her soul flame just about to dissipate. At that moment she knew then she had to change her life. She could no longer live in this frequency of chaos, if for no one else but for her little beauty.

Now Jessica has learned new ways to be, experiencing life as a single mom of a strong, independent little lady. She enjoys spending time in gratitude, helping others shift and change their energy and of course, helping her daughter stand in the true space of her.

Jessica is a powerful healer with deep wisdom about moving beyond lack and abuse paradigms. She can not only assist you in shifting these energies but is a powerful teacher of maintaining and creating life moving forward.

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