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Can my first booking be a Mentorship?

No, the first booking must start with the Introduction Session.  This is where we can connect, and I can feel into how I can assist you.

What are your fees?

The Sessions range from $22-$444 a Session. Mentorships are from $888-$2222 a month. Rates depend on which energetic services are being used.

What is a Master Frequency Healer and Core Paradigm Shifter specializing in ascension upgrades?

I am a guide for your Energetic Frequency. I can feel where you are looping in an energy. After having awareness of where you are looping, I am able to ask questions that you answer based on your body light and heavy feeling. Durning the process you will have awareness and I will be able to untangle and unwind these frequencies giving you more space to make different choices.

What is the atmosphere of your sessions?

The atmosphere calming as it is me feeling into your energy. So, I can navigate how I can assist you. All sessions are held on Zoom. Camera on/off is your choice. Please make sure to not have any distractions. Sessions are the beginning of you choosing something different. I do desire your full attention. The Start Here session is 20 minutes.

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