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I assist healers to release old paradigms of limitations and abuse with energy facilitation so they can easily release themselves from old lack and limitation so they can embrace their gifts with ease.

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Are you ready to Stop:

Spending your life in lack?

Sacrificing yourself to help others? 

Being your biggest critic?

Feeling taken advantage of?

Feeling out of control without choices?

Are you ready to understand you?

Have you been helping the world heal, but finding it's hard to maintain these new waves of energy? 

Are you struggling to release old paradigms that no longer serve you? 

Do you feel like you're desiring new tools to navigate with?

Are you ready to receive new ways to tap into these new expansive energies?

Are you ready to understand your frequency?

Do you pick up the energy of the room and not know how to release it?

Do you feel yourself looping in a paradigm that you desire to move from, but you don't know how?

Do you hear someone else's voice in your head telling you you're not good enough?

Do you desire to learn and heal your energetic frequency?

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Are you desiring a guide to help you manifest your desires?

I’ll teach you key component techniques and tools that when used daily you will feel your body recalibrating the way you process energy. Let me assist you in releasing that voice so you can hear your higher self instead.

In our sessions I will assist you with the deconditioning process of energy that no longer serves you.

Which you will learn to identify your truth, and what isn't your truth.

You will also learn the process of releasing energy that doesn't serve you.

I can assist you in feeling your response energy. ​

I will teach you tools that when used consistently you won't feel reactive. You will flow in a response energy.

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Dear Healer,

I see you...

I feel you...

I've been you...

I know how exhausting it feels to be you. It seems no matter what you do life just continues the same. You're continuously getting caught in other people's responsibilities and emotions. You bend over backwards for others, and it still seems it's not enough. Life is hard to say the least. I know how sick and tired you are of feeling sick and tired. 

It's time to release yourself from the merry-go-round of lack and abuse. 

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Who is Jessica?
I am a Master Frequency Healer and Core Paradigm Shifter.
I was born and raised in the high frequencies of old Las Vegas. Growing up close to the strip, I was always a sensitive soul aware of everyone and everything. Chaos was my only constant. Not only was I aware of the outside vibrations but I was also the effect of my abusive upbringing, continuously experiencing multiple frequencies of abuse. As an only child of my biological parents, who divorced and moved onto new lives and new marriages, I never felt supported or like I belonged much of anywhere. By the time I was 11 I had experienced multiple frequencies of abuse. I learned I could no longer trust my parents or anyone else to support me. I cocooned myself in all of the lack paradigms including, being good enough, worthy or deserving. As an adult I carried these frequencies with me not understanding why I attracted continuous abuse, seeking validation from others, and lack in everything I did and chose.

I’ve always been a healer, a mystic of sorts, but it wasn’t until my journey into consciousness that I discovered how to be a master frequency healer. Since uncovering me, I am now using my gifts and capacities as a master healer to assist others uncover themselves so they too can heal their vibrations and set their lives free. I would love to assist you on your journey as well. 

 Life is too short to stay in your mind dungeon!

Do you desire for me to show you your key?

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Do you desire to quit looping in heavy, no choice energy, and start living life in the intention frequency of life? Contact me today to schedule a session.

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