Keys 2 Ease
Intuitive Healing with Jessica
I am a 6/2 Manifesting Generator with an Open Head and Ajna. I have zero clue who I am . I know I am here to share wisdom, shift energy, and empower myself and others. I have gained knowledge that I turned into wisdom for myself . On this journey we face light and shadows each are lighter with tools. I enjoy sharing my wisdom with like minded beings looking for tools to help on this human journey. At the moment I practice Angelic Reiki healing with The Keys to Freedom Clearing system. I also use tools I have learned from Jamie Bates to help you shift your energy and see the choices you have. I will use the Tarot and Oracle Cards to guide me in the session. I invite you to look me up on FaceBook at Keys 2 Ease. If you feel guided to work with me , I would be honored to be a small part of your Liberation and Self Empowerment. I am Complete..